With exceptional component quality and competitive pricing, we ensure the reliability of ENERTRON solar power plants and align with your sustainability focus.

As firm believers in controlled quality, we use the components of the world’s leading manufacturers Canadian Solar, Trina Solar, SolarEdge and specialized local providers in the construction and maintenance of our own solar systems.

We believe in trusted quality, which is why we utilize equipment from leading global component manufacturers such as Sungrow, Canadian Solar, SolarEdge, as well as local specialized service providers, in the construction and maintenance of our own power plants.

Photovoltaic (PV) modules

Canadian Solar (NASDAQ: CSIQ), founded in 2001 in Canada, operates as a leading global manufacturer of photovoltaic modules and provider of solar energy solutions with over 12,000 employees worldwide. With manufacturing facilities in Canada, China, Brazil, and Southeast Asian countries, Canadian Solar has a production capacity of 75GW and has supplied over 96 GW of solar modules over the past 22 years.

A solar photovoltaic module (solar panel) is a device capable of converting solar energy into electrical energy through the photovoltaic effect. It consists of solar cells (polycrystalline silicon) and an aluminum frame for structural robustness.

ALL BLACK – Avant-garde LINE:


The solar cells of the selected model CS1H-MS_ALL BLACK High density MONO PERC_ are monocrystalline. These modules are distinguished by a sophisticated all-black look. They are among the modules of the highest price class.


CS3K-MS_High Efficiency MONO PERC_ , CS3L-MS_Super High Power MONO PERC

The solar cells of the selected CS3K-MS_High Efficiency MONO PERC_ , CS3L-MS_Super High Power MONO PERC models are monocrystalline. Monocrystalline modules are among the most developed and researched modules and provide greater energy production in the smallest possible space.


CS3K-P_High Efficiency

The solar cells of the selected CS3K-P_High Efficiency model consist of polycrystalline silicon integrated between reinforced glass and a special-purpose foil. Polycrystalline modules are more cost-effective and are often called ‘commercial modules’.


Mounting systems

As a sole agent for S.Flex mounting systems, Enerton ensures safe and cost effective installation of photovoltaic modules onto all types of roofs.

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SolarEdge’s breakthrough inverter solution maximises solar production power, improves module tracking and ensures better safety during the installation and operation of the solar power plant.

Inverters convert DC input components (voltage and current) into AC output components, synchronizing them with the grid. Inverters generate a high-quality output signal and appropriate frequency, and ensure solar power plant performance control.

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