In nearly 10 years of operation, Enerton has delivered components or installed more than 1.000 solar power plants.


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Customer Testimonials

If we were to make this decision again, we would do it the same way. Our decision was financial and we are happy with the results. Perhaps we could have installed fewer modules. All in all, we’re very satisfied with ENERTON’s support. When our inverter was damaged by lightning, they replaced it quickly and now it operates flawlessly.

Stanislav, Štajerska

The decision to install a self-supply electric power system was brilliant. It took me a few years before I actually went through with it, and the explanations provided by ENERTON helped me a lot. I’m satisfied with the installation and control of the system’s operation, and with your response regarding the issues we had one year into operation. We like to show our solar system to our friends, and we are already planning an upgrade.

Marjan, Lukovek, Dolenjska

The solar system was a clever purchase and I hope it will serve its purpose for many years without any major problems. I’m very satisfied, ENERTON’s support throughout the installation process was great. If I had to do it all over again, I’d take even more panels as a fall-back option because our energy consumption is rising.

However, I would appreciate some real-time calculations of the surplus or deficit of generated electric power in kW so we would know whether a balancing payment will be needed at the end of the year.

Jare, Dolenjska

The energy power output in the few months of our solar system’s operation has further convinced us that we have made the right decision. We are satisfied with the components; all the professional, technical and administrative support was excellent. Given the occasional internet connection problems and short reaction times of ENERTON’s team we can only compliment their supervisory control. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the representative of ENERTON; Mr. Jože Lužar, who gave us all the information about the operation of solar power systems (we had quite a few questions), arranged all the needed documentation and was actively involved in the commissioning process.

Alojz, Velika Loka

With the energy needs constantly rising, I would recommend people to buy a solar power system. We would do it all over again, wouldn’t change a thing. ENERTON’s support is excellent: whatever they promised, they delivered. The system has been working smoothly so far and we are very satisfied.

Franci, okolica Trebnjega
Magda & Jože - Dolenjska

We tried to be economical and think sustainably, but our energy bills kept going up. We put a lot of thought and planning into our solar system but one year later we decided to upgrade to 11 kW and installed a heat pump. This ensured minimum consumption of energy and maximum comfort of living in our rather uneconomical house. Both systems are fully automated and give us no additional work. Installing a solar system carries a considerable initial investment but it is an easy decision considering the Eco Fund subsidies and a warranty that stretches nearly the entire service life of the solar panels.

Magda and Jože, Dolenjska

I’m very satisfied with ENERTON’s offer and their solar power system. Considering the location of the building, it delivers very good results. We chose the right components which perfectly complement the building design. We would do it all over again if we had to, only I would probably purchase PV modules of even higher capacity. I was great working with you, all the details were sorted out really quickly. I think you have a great field team, and the technical support was always willing to help us out. As a satisfied customer, I’ll definitely recommend you to others. A solar power system costs as much as a small family car, with one difference: it’s an investment, not a cost.

Leonard, Štajerska