Most roofs can upgrade their purpose with a solar power system. ENERTON’s turn-key solar systems based on net metering are designed for households, farms and private businesses.

8 steps to a turn-key solar power plant

Fill out the inquiry form and we will get back to you with an offer within two days. We will contact you if we need additional information.

A signed order confirmation is the legal basis for filing any documentation on behalf of the client and setting the date of the site inspection. Once this step is completed, we will offer advice, arrange the date of installation and sort out the installation details.

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We prepare the documentation needed for connection to the regional utility grid. The procedure of acquiring documents normally takes up to 30 days, but delays are likely due to increased volume of work and/or increased inquiries with utilities.

At the same time, we also compile the documents needed to claim the subsidies of the Eco Fund. The grant approval procedure leading to the issue of the decision may take from 60 to 90 days, but the installation of the solar system may begin upon submission of the application.

We prepare the documents needed to acquire the grid connection permit from the regional utility. The permit granting process normally takes up to 30 days (with delays possible during busy periods).

Having obtained the grid connection permit, we submit the documents needed to obtain a solar system grid connection contract and submission of the request for conclusion of a new Power Supply Agreement.

The utility prepares the Grid Connection Agreement within 20 days from the submission of the application, and the Power Supply Agreement is sent by the suppliers no later than within 10 days. The customer signs both contracts and returns them to sender, who will also sign the and return one copy to the customer and the other to ENERTON in 20 days.

Step 4 is followed by the assembly and installation of the solar power plant, which takes just under two days. After the installation, an inspection and measurements are conducted in accordance with the applicable legislation. The measurements take up to two hours during regular business hours, by prior appointment.


All documentation is compiled and the utility conducts an acceptance of the plant, which is followed by the signing of the Commissioning Agreement. The solar power system is now officially connected to the grid. The procedure takes up to two hours during regular working hours of the utility. The utility runs net metering calculations in accordance with the agreements.

When the solar power plant is connected to the grid we arrange another visit, during which we present the operation of the plant, extraordinary incident protocols, and free supervision of plant operation on your mobile device or PC (check the operation of our system HERE)

During the visit, we also deliver the complete project file, the invoice and the documents needed to receive the Eco Fund subsidy. The Eco Fund normally pays out the grant in 60 to 90 days from the submission of final documents.

Your solar system is remotely monitored from our control centre. We promptly correct any faults that arise to ensure flawless operation of the power plant throughout its entire service life.


With a focus on top-quality components and offering competitive prices, we foster reliable operation of ENERTON’s solar power plants and your sustainable focus.
We believe in tested quality, which is why we use the products of the world’s leading component producers Canadian Solar, Trina Solar and SolarEdge and local specialized providers in the design, construction and maintenance of all our systems..